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Challinor Stud Poodles


Our Beautiful Deep Chocolate Miniature Poodle Stud


Kennel Club Name: Pugshaw Mr Challinor
Pet Name: Elvis
Kennel Club Number:  AX04802005
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Height to the shoulder: Approx 11.5 inches
Colour: Chocolate


Elvis is a wonderful boy and an excellent stud dog. He knows and loves his job and is producing absolutely Stunning 'teddy bear' type puppies. He is a gorgeous boy who we love to pieces and he's proved himself as a valuable member of our team. He has a thick, dark chocolate, curly coat. He caries cream as well as chocolate and produces absolutely beautiful babies. Elvis is approx 11.5 ​inches to the shoulder. The Stud fee is £300 


Elvis is a very loving affectionate boy who likes a cuddle on my knee when ever he gets the chance. Elvis is a collector! He loves to collect various items from around the house and make him self a pile of treasures! He gets away with anything though as he is so sweet and loving - you can never be cross with him. Elvis is great with children and other dogs, he's so easy going and is always more than happy to share his treats and toys. When playtime is over he always curls up on the rug - right in front of the fire. He has a wonderful nature which he can pass on to his puppies.


Elvis has been extensively DNA tested and has a CLEAR certificates for:

* Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) Eye Test

* Von Willebrand Desease (vWD-1)

* Macrothrombocytopenia (MTC-D)

* Neonatal Encephalopathy (NE)

* Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)​

* Gangliosidosis (GM2)

 *Osteochondrodysplasia (OC)


Ideally you should give me a call as soon as you notice your girl is in season so I can reserve Elvis for the appropriate time. We are very flexible though and can often accommodate short notice mattings so it’s always worth giving us a call.​​


The stud fee for Elvis is £300 and is due on the first successful mating. You are welcome back for a second mating. We offer a free cytology test on the first mating. We can then judge where your bitch is up to within her ovulation cycle and advise what day would be best for a second visit. This will give her the best possible chance of pregnancy. There is no charge for the cytology test and no charge for a second visit. You will be provided with a copy of the stud dogs Kennel Club 5 generation ​pedigree along with his health test certificates and photos to show to your puppy buyers. In the unlikely event that your girl does not become pregnant, as a gesture of good will we can offer a revisit on her next season free of charge.

Challinor Stud Poodles

Challinor Stud Dogs

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